I spent the Fourth of July holiday weekend at my parents’ cabin in the middle of nowhere in Central New York farmland, but there was no way I would let that stop me from wearing my awesome new Miss Candyfloss items! Plus the natural surroundings were a nice backdrop for the photos.

After trying a few Miss Candyfloss pieces (read reviews here and here), I’ve become totally hooked! This brand fits me better than any off-the-rack, non full-bust-specific company I’ve ever tried. Plus, the items are really nice quality yet still easy to care for—the dress and top I’m sharing here are both machine-washable and seem pretty wrinkle-resistant so far.

This time I managed to snag the much coveted Juanita Sunset dress for an absolute steal on eBay after my size sold out on the MCF website. The dress features amazing bright colors, a super flattering neckline, and a full skirt. Made of 63% polyester, 35% viscose, and 2% lycra, the dress drapes beautifully and has a medium amount of stretch. I’m wearing a size medium with measurements 37”-29”-41”.

The dress perfectly matched my mom’s orange and red flower bed:









My little doggy couldn’t resist making a cameo as well:



I wore the dress around the property while my dad teased me for being a “city gal” and “not dressing for the cabin.” But Juanita is so comfy, it’s way better than old ripped jeans (his uniform of choice out there). Just look how well it fits up top:




As with most MCF items, Juanita features strategic gathers that expand for a full bust or remain as pleats for a small bust. The bodice’s stretch and softness make it comfortable while limiting the appearance of lumps or bra bumps. And the matching belt can be used to cinch you in further, or wear on a looser setting after a full meal (something I found myself doing a lot this weekend).

I found the smallest setting of the belt to be just a touch snug early in the day and slightly too tight after eating lunch. The next setting up is a touch too loose early in the day, still a tiny bit loose after eating a lot, but perfect for the long car ride home. The grommets are rather far apart and there are only three, so I might add another in between each setting if I can find matching black ones.

After the flowerbed photoshoot, my husband and I drove to a nearby cidery and farm that we always visit when we’re in town, where we made some friends:




These two goats had gotten out of the fenced pasture. There are gumball machines of pellets for people to feed them, so they’re very friendly and walked right over to us. Then after petting them for a few minutes, they followed us all the way up the hill to the tasting room! They were such sweeties. The bartender said this pair regularly get themselves out of the pen and then go right back in it when they’re ready. After that little adventure, we enjoyed a lengthy tasting of cider and beer:


And when we got back home, I couldn’t resist taking a couple pinup shots with my parents’ tractor—it, too, was the perfect shade of matching orange!



The Juanita dress is definitely going to be my uniform of the summer. Last month, MCF released it in a new “Sky” colorway, but I’m heartbroken to report it’s already sold out in all but sizes 2X and 3X. If they re-stock it, you can bet I’ll immediately be buying it at full price!


Next up is the Margit-Ilene top in light blue. This is my first MCF top, and while I like the design it’s not quite the same success as the dresses have been.


Made of 96% cotton and 4% spandex, the fabric is soft and stretchy and not too thin. But it definitely has a clingier fit around my midsection that isn’t the most flattering. It also isn’t long enough on me to be worn with anything other than high-waisted bottoms. It only just reaches past my belly button, and the length combined with the clingy-ness means it scrunches up a lot. A high waist is necessary to hold it in place and hide the scrunching happening below the waistband.

I’m tempted to try a large next time, but I’m nervous to do that since returning or exchanging items is so much trouble with international orders. Plus other styles may fit differently than this one. So I’ll probably continue with size medium unless a cheap large pops up on eBay.






As for the style, well the shirt’s adorable! It features puff cap sleeves that are split and crossed over on the outer side, a keyhole in the back with a functional button, nonfunctional buttons on the front, and some creative seams around the bust.

The bust seams are a little awkward on me since they are quite high up onto breast tissue. To be honest, I might skip this style in the future unless there’s a color I absolutely must have, or I’ll stick to dark colors where the seam isn’t as visible since I still like all the shoulder details.