Oh readers, I think I may have a new favorite clothing brand—it’s Miss Candyfloss! I raved about it in my last review, and mentioned that I had ordered two more dresses and two tops. Well unfortunately, MCF took so long to fulfill the order (three months!) that they ran out of my size in both dresses and one of the tops before my order was filled. I was heartbroken.

The top wasn’t such an issue—it was a button-up style that I mostly wanted to try just so I could review it. But the dresses…oh, the dresses! These are the two I had chosen:

“Sammi Lee.” Note that the details are peach, not white.
“Sammi Lee.” Note that the details are peach, not white.
“Christine Kat.”
“Christine Kat.”

So I suppose I could live without the Sammi Lee. It isn’t as if I have a shortage of navy blue dresses, after all. But Christine! Christine is so amazing. The teal plaid, the mustard accents, the bows on the neck and sleeves… For weeks after I was informed that my order had to be cancelled, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I would’ve considered buying it at full price even, but my size (medium) and the next size up were sold out on the MCF website and I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere else.

Then I finally got the idea to post a “desperately seeking” notice in one of my Facebook groups, and an amaaaazing girl wrote me immediately. There was an online shop in The Netherlands (Succusbus.nl) that had it! And the girl even found me a 10% off coupon. And for some reason their shipping was really inexpensive (only €6.95—less than 8 bucks!) despite arriving a mere six days after it shipped.

Oh goodness, I love this dress so much! The fit feels made for me. The sleeves are slightly loose for comfort, the fabric has a lovely drape to it, and it really accents my figure. The print is slightly less vibrant in real life compared to the manufacturer photo, but otherwise it’s just perfect. I even already own mustard yellow shoes to go with it!

The fabric is 65% Polyester, 32% Viscose, 3% Spandex. Despite the spandex, it has almost no stretch, just a little bit of give.

I think a golden yellow fabric belt to match the cuffs would be ideal, but that may be a bit hard to find.
I think a golden yellow fabric belt to match the cuffs would be ideal, but that may be a bit hard to find.





Without the belt:




And obviously it wouldn’t be an “Off the Rack” review without some chest closeups! The seams are just perfect for big boobs. There’s a pair of seams that start out parallel to each other at the waist, but flare out as they travel upward, and then stop at the breast apex. It’s a construction I’ve never seen before, and it causes the bodice to totally mold to my shape.



In these photos, I’m wearing an Ewa Michalak CHP bra in 30G, and my measurements are 37”-29”-41” with a height of 5’6”. The MCF size chart lists medium as being up to 36.6” bust and up to 30.3” waist. I’d say the waist is accurate (I do have a tiny bit of extra space at the waist), but most MCF pieces make ample use of pleats, princess seams, and gathering at the bust, so it’s actually quite flexible and generous. Just pay close attention to the construction, and perhaps avoid styles that are flatter on the front.