It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, and there are some great happenings in the big bust world.

First up, how do you like Kate Upton’s dress from last night’s Mets gala? Personally, I love how it flatters her entire shape, yet almost incidentally highlights the beauty of her bustline. And there’s a chance the dress doesn’t even require a strapless!

kate upton met gala dress

kate upton met gala dress 2

Sometimes I’ve heard women complain that there is nothing in the busty blogosphere for apple-shaped women. Well take a look at this new blog for apple shapes. An added bonus: she writes from an over-40 perspective, another rarity.

Here’s something exciting that I’ve been keeping mum about for a while. Jailyn Apparel is back–as a pattern company! Jodi Schreiner discovered that she loved the technical aspect of designing for full busted women, but the manufacturing aspect wore her down. Now you can make your OWN version of the blouse she used to sell.


The Mandarin Shirt pattern includes sizes 000 – 18, with regular and extra-full bust options for each size. Wow. Talk about empowering! And she’s giving Hourglassy readers 15% off with code LoveHourglassy15.

I really enjoyed Alison’s “large bust soft curves” swimsuit search here and here a few weeks ago. Based on some of the comments she got about how brave she was for posing in swimsuits, I realized how much our full-busted readership takes this sort of body acceptance for granted.

Speaking of swimwear, the new Australian brand Lilly & Lime contacted us recently, and we can’t wait to review their adorable bikinis for you soon. They offer really cute styles, and most go up to an HH cup in small bands as well as larger bands.

Guess where I’m writing this? At the gate at JFK about to take off on our flight to Paris to celebrate turning 50 last December. Here’s a peek at everything I managed to fit into a carryon. Look for some indulgent outfits of the day in front of Parisian landmarks soon. And guess what else? I’m going shopping at Pepperberry in London on May 13. Is there anything you’d like me to try for you? If you’re already in London, do you want to meet there?