The timing couldn’t be more perfect for me to wear my altered More Front Room pieces for the very first time this week because the company is having an amazing semi-annual clearance sale. All I could think as I wore my peplum top and silk blouse was, “You’d have to be crazy to let this sale pass you by.” $47.60 for the peplum top is a steal. (Yesterday there was a glitch on the company website and I thought I’d missed my chance to show you these pictures before the sale ended. Nothing like a second chance!) As a reminder, here’s my post with pics of how it looked before I had the sleeves shortened and the waistline raised. I like how the bootcut jeans balance the peplum. I would have liked the waistline slightly higher, but I lost that battle with my seamstress.

morefrontroom peplum with jeans front

morefrontroom peplum side

morefrontroom peplum back

Next the silk blouse as I wore it on Sunday. If there’s any chance you will ever need or want a silk blouse, then you need to stock up on this right now.

morefrontroom silk blouse rolled sleeves front

morefrontroom silk blouse rolled sleeves side

The sleeve length is perfect compared to how they looked before my seamstress raised the cuffs.

morefrontroom silk blouse unrolled front

Raising the cuffs means a shorter sleeve placket, but I’m fine with it. I was super pleased that the cuffs could be reattached to the shortened sleeves without any loss of detail.

morefrontroom silk blouse unrolled cuffs point out

My seamstress raised the buttons so the rolled sleeves stop at my elbows, although shortening the tab may have been another option. At first I thought I preferred the rolled sleeves, but I really like the elegance of the full-length sleeves.

morefrontroom silk blouse unrolled button point out

As you can see, I have a very corporate, conservative style with this blouse (my husband said I looked like I was going back to the law firm). Since the length is quite long on me, next time I’ll try wearing it untucked over leggings.