Don’t be fooled by my worried expression in this photo. Yesterday’s silk blouse and today’s peplum top with split neck are my favorites from the More Front Room collection.
more front room peplum front XS rolled and tucked unzipped

With More Front Room’s more structured items, it may be a good idea to size down, which is what I had to do with both items. Below left, I’m wearing size S. If I lost my luggage and had to borrow this top in size S from a friend, I would be completely fine wearing it. But you can see how much better the XS fits me in the middle photo.

The photo on the right (and above) is how I want it to fit me after I shorten the sleeves and torso. I don’t usually talk about being petite, but at 5’3″, I love shopping in petites departments because the proportions are more flattering on me. However, since no one currently makes busty petite clothing, it’s worthwhile to alter regular busty clothing.

more front room peplum comparisons frontOn the left is the S, and on the right is the XS. Like the silk blouse, the princess seams run to the side of the bust. The armholes are nice and high, allowing for ease of movement and narrow sleeves that don’t add bulk to the bustline.

more front room peplum side comparisonsFrom the back.more front room peplum back comparisons As I mentioned last week, the fabric is very substantial. It barely wrinkles, and Melanie has been wearing this top for six months without any pilling. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this top because it’s easy to pack and dress up or down. Plus, I ADORE the color–my photos are more accurate than the website.

Isn’t this knit shell with silk cowl neck intriguing? Since I’m horrible with scarves, I like that the work has been done for me–no figuring out how to tie it, and it always stays in place!

more front room striped shell full length front

But you can also tuck the cowl in if you want a more minimalist look. In this picture, I was also experimenting with shortening the length of the top, but I think it looks better in the original length.

more front room striped shell tucked in cowl

I’m wearing size S in this top, and there’s no way I would go smaller. However, you may notice a little extra room along the princess seam in this photo.

more front room cowl shell side view full length

If it’s not too difficult, I will try to take in the extra fabric along the seam. Otherwise, it isn’t a big deal to leave it as it is.

more front room extra bust room in shell detail

No danger of underarm bra showing with these high armholes!

more front room high armholes demo

I LOVE the lower back zipper. It makes a big difference for getting this top over my hair. The rippling that you see across my back is probably another petites issue.

more front room cowl shell back

Finally, here’s the scoop neck sheath dress. I’m wearing size S, and it’s just right. The colors are too muted and cool for me, but I can see this print being super versatile on others. It’s also completely wrinkle-proof.

more front room scoop neck dress front regular

Once again, here are the alterations I would make so that this dress is less overwhelming on me–shorten the sleeves and hem (but to mid-knee instead of above the knee!).

more front room scoop neck dress front shortened

This dress has GREAT room for busty women with wider hips than mine, but it’s also fine with smaller hips.

more front room scoop neck dress extra hip room

The lining is like a comfortable shapewear–great for confidence!

more front room scoop neck dress side

You can’t tell from the photo, but there’s a hidden zipper that makes this dress very easy to put on.

more front room scoop neck dress back

Melanie has more dresses in the pipeline that I can’t wait to see. She’s also sending Patsy three tops to review, so look for information about sizing at the other end of the More Front Room size chart soon!