Sometimes a fabulous full bust development flies right over my head, like this Curvy Kate Kitty plunge longline babydoll that Sweet Nothings and Bras and Body Image recently reported and Big Cup Little Cup has already reviewed.

Curvy Kate Kitty long line babydoll
It took glimpsing it from the corner of my eye at Curve before I finally recognized something I’m always looking for: supportive sleepwear that doesn’t hide the waist.

Curvy Kate Kitty front at Curve longline babydoll
The merlot color will be available in 30-40 D-J in October, but the Kitty longline babydoll in black has been available since December.

curvy kate kitty back longline babydoll

I’ve always appreciated the bra element of babydolls, but I’m tired of their inevitable flounce-y empire waists. The maternity-look is so ubiquitous to babydolls, that I wonder, is it even a babydoll if it has a waist? Wikipedia characterizes a babydoll as short, sleeveless and loose-fitting. The Kitty is short and sleeveless, but thanks to the longline, it certainly isn’t loose-fitting.

Freya also challenges the “loose-fitting” element of the babydoll. As many of you know, I love the streamlined look of a chemise, and I’ve always thought that Freya’s babydolls look more like chemises because they lack the typical puffy gathers coming from the underwires. If you study the Freya chemises and babydolls that I included at the end of my post on deep cup wireless sleepwear last year, you’ll see what I mean.

When I mentioned this to an Eveden rep, she informed me that the only difference between a Freya chemise and a Freya babydoll is the underwire. No wonder the Freya babydolls appeal to me so much–they’re simply chemises with underwires!

Of all the underwired chemises in the Freya AW16 collection, the Pandora stands out with its sheer vertical-seamed cups that go up to a G cup! We weren’t the only ones disappointed that last year’s vertical-seamed Starlet only went up to an F cup. Pandora is Freya’s response to the demand for this light look and feel in a G.

freya paradise babydoll on table top
Available in 28-38 D-G.

freya paradise sheer cups closeup

freya paradise babydoll side sling closeup
Side slings help with support.

Freya Paradise babydoll back

The Pandora collection also includes Freya’s first longline plunge without padded cups.

freya paradise longline closeup
Available in 28-38 D-G.

Finally, a Pandora vertical seam bra will be available in 30-36G and a plunge balcony in 28-38 D-H.

The only bad news about these beautiful pieces? They don’t reach stores until November . . . just in time to make it onto your holiday wish list.