This is not the month I envisioned when I set up our editorial calendar. That month was more of a “Rah rah! I can do it, and you can, too!” kind of month. Instead, it’s turned into a standing-at-the-fork-in-the-road kind of month where I keep venturing a few steps down one path, turning around and doing the same thing down the other.

Needless to say, spending time at the crossroads has led to a lot of reflection. I can’t be smug and say, “This is what I have learned this month,” but I can share what I’m learning.

Changing Seasons, Changing Priorities

In an early meeting with my nutritionist last year, I told her, “It’s a good thing I’m not too busy because I can concentrate on planning my meals and getting to the gym.” She looked at me like, “Huh? What’s the big deal?” and I wondered if I was exaggerating the requirements for a lifestyle change.

Now I know I wasn’t. That’s because other things have become a priority for me this fall. It’s super difficult to tear myself away from my sewing machine so that I can change into workout clothes and walk a mile to the YMCA in time for class. And as dinner time approaches, I keep hoping a balanced and delicious combination of protein and carbs will assemble itself without me so that I can keep blogging. That power walk I said I’d take at the beginning of the month? I meandered along the beach with my 9- and 6-year-old niece and nephew instead.

Each day has a limited set of hours, and sometimes I just don’t want to spend any of them exercising or creating nutritious meals.

Small Choices are Still Choices

I tend to be all-or-nothing about things, but thankfully, our options in life aren’t always either-or. For example, I’ve only been going to the gym once a week this month, but guess what? I’ve been going to the gym once a week this month! I haven’t stopped!

And I finally made an appointment with my nutritionist for her next available opening–October 31, the final day of Fit & Active October. I’ve also set up a physical with my doctor the week before Thanksgiving. The plan is for the impending blood test to scare me straight from saturated fats (and not be hanging over my head as I sit down for Thanksgiving dinner).

My fitness routine has become a bit rigid, so I’d like to introduce a little variety . . . gentle yoga instead of spinning, for instance, or weight machines instead of a formal class–I don’t have to push myself or raise my heart rate every time I go to the gym. And we’re taking the Lehigh Gorge bike train next month. Just making that plan was its own small victory.

Even though I’m not at the top of my physical game this month, I’m glad we have Fit & Active October. Taking care of health requires intention, and sometimes I need (or want) to divert my focus to other priorities. Having this month in our editorial calendar makes me more likely to find ways to stay fit and active for the rest of the year.


This means that we’ll have more sports bra and active wear reviews for you throughout the year, but if you’re looking for a new sports bra right now, I highly recommend Sweets’ recent Enell review and Curvy Wordy’s recent write-up about her Panache sports bra in a 34J.