When you have to write about such a personal thing as being big busted, especially as a mother of daughters knowing that they’ll read it, it forces you to confront yourself.

As a J cup, my breasts are an unavoidable part of many conversations. What brought me to Hourglassy was seeing my youngest daughter’s reaction to MY reaction while looking at myself in the mirror. Watching my daughters negotiate life, I’ve learned that my imperfections ARE my perfections.

Particularly because I am a busty woman, I am conscious of what I wear. I let my youngest help me pack for a recent business trip. I knew I’d been doing something right when she reminded me to “take my good bras”. She said to wear my “pretty” scarf. She said I should wear my beige Pepperberry jacket (that I got at the swap).

business trip

My daughters don’t see me as perfect and because of that, they find it easier to embrace their flaws. When Mommy took her 6-year-old to the beach, she didn’t blink an eye when I took off my maxi dress to reveal my bikini. She just wanted me to build a sandcastle with an impressive moat.

sand castle vs perfection

For me, that is and will always be the point. I’ll never be society’s version of “perfect” and through my writing and talking with my daughters, I’ve learned that’s for the best.

I have a 23-year-old and a 6-year-old daughter. When they are with me, there is no judgment.  I’m the me I need to be for them . . . imperfections and all.