Unfortunately I missed last year’s Hourglassy swap. This year I was so happy to be a part of it. The thing I love the most about being an Hourglassy writer is not just being able to be a part of this website, it’s being part of this community. That’s what the swap was about.

It’s not easy being a big busted lady. There are things that we have to go through that most women don’t. The best thing about the swap for me wasn’t getting new things, it was having the opportunity to relate to my busty sisters and them to me.
To see women, many of them my readers, be able to have a grab bag of things that were meant for them was awesome! As a busty woman, to watch my ladies not only be catered to but embraced, just made my heart burst.

For many years Darlene has opened her heart to us, but to have her open her home just shows how dedicated she is to Hourglassy as a community. Our community continues to grow. We had a wonderful raffle with gifts by large busts supporters
Well fitting
All Undone
Real Girls Lingerie
Perfect Cami
Fraulein Annie
Bolero Beachwear
Suzette’s Lingerie

And all of us leaving with gift bags by
Magic Corsets
Emilio Cavallini
Lion’s Lair
Sunday Intimates
made us feel beyond special.

To be among my fellow writers was a blessing. To be with my readers… our readers, brought us together in a way we’ve always wanted.

That’s what Hourglassy is about. It’s about us. It’s about writers. It’s about readers. It’s about a community of women who didn’t even realize how much we needed each other until we had each other.

The swap wasn’t just about clothes. It was about US.