I must admit that I was a bit nervous having someone else choose a suit for me for this week’s column. After speaking with Lizzy at Lion’s Lair I was completely put at ease. This woman knows what she is doing!

Lizzy chose this top (FT-142) $92 and the Retro Styled High Waisted Skirted Pant from Tara Grinna for me. Both pieces are available in a variety of colors but I chose black.

image image

The first thing I noticed before putting on the suit was the sizing. The top is a 32-36F. This made me a little nervous but trusting Lizzie as I’ve learned to do, I didn’t fret.


Being that I chose a basic black suit, the small details of the suit really stand out. I love the heavyweight, silver details and the double strap.


image image image

The fabric is soft and comfortable. I don’t feel like the girls are going to try escaping out of the top but I still feel sexy. This is no old lady swimwear! The design of the top adds to its support. The cups have a secondary layer of fabric that criss crosses the bust adding support and creating a gorgeous flare. However this is not a suit for running or beach volleyball. There is considerable bounce.

image image

I love the design of the bottoms but unfortunately the size 10 I received is a tad bit small. I will be keeping them for later in the summer when I’ve lost a bit of pudge.

I’d definitely recommend Tara Grinna swimwear. Although it is a bit pricy, the style, fit and detail make this a suit that I could wear for a couple years and still feel fashionable.


Note from Darlene: Need help choosing your own Tara Grinna swimsuit? Answer the questions at the end of Tuesday’s post and give Lion’s Lair a call. Give them the code “Hourglassy”, and you’ll get $10 off your purchase.