While preparing to photograph yesterday’s dress, I stumbled across a beige camisole that I haven’t worn in years. I’d just been looking at this woman’s skin-tone camisole in a 2011 Hourglassy post, and it made me want to try mine again.

nude camisole follows neckline

I’m glad I did because I like the look! It covers my cleavage without sacrificing the flattering neckline.

nude neckline do or dont
L to R: no cami, beige cami, black cami

It’s one of those trade-offs for a big-busted woman to consider. On the one hand, a beige camisole looks underwear-y. Kat at Corporette hates nude camisoles for most office looks, which is why I left my beige cami alone all these years. On the other hand, see how much nicer the center neckline looks than the right neckline. Even a black V-neck cami wouldn’t have the same effect. A V-neck cami in another color might, but not if I want uninterrupted black at my neckline.

So where are you on this trade-off?