For the last five years I have been obsessing over the flipped up collar. I especially love this look on busty women because you can wear a deep, sexy v and the rise of the collar will pull the eye up.image

For me, achieving this look is not as simple as flipping up the collar of blouse because I have yet to find a button up blouse that fits my J cups not to mention the fact that most collars do not stay all the way up. So when I was perusing the Pin Up Girl site and spotted the Lauren Dress I was overjoyed! I personally am not a fan of the two toned version but fell head over heels for the black on black.image image image

From the beginning I knew that it was going to put my breasts on display. The cleavage is serious! The thing is that I’ve been working on embracing my breasts even more and feel like the other elements of the dress (length, fit and collar) make it less gasp-worthy. I ordered a 2x to accommodate my bust easily and because I did not want the dress to cling to me. It’s one thing to wear a booby dress but quite another to wear a tight, booby dress. There is also an issue with movement restriction in the armholes that I wanted to avoid. Ordering a size that is larger in the body also leaves room for a camisole for those times that you don’t want to let the girls out.image

I adore this dress but because I sized up there are a few areas that must be altered. The waist is too big causing a bit of bunching and makes me look a bit boxy. I can move my arms freely but the larger armholes create a batwing look when my arms are out and bulges towards the back when my arms are down.

image image

I wore the Lauren dress as is with a camisole under it to the annual benefit for my daughters school and it was a big hit! There are hooks at the back of the collar that securely keep it standing tall all night. The problem is, the hooks kept getting caught in my hair. It wasn’t painful, just a bit annoying and truthfully, I felt so damn good in this dress that I didn’t notice it much. If you wear this you will be noticed! I even got the nod from Questlove.image

I will keep you updated as alterations happen.