Will this finally be my Year of the Accessory? I love accessories, especially on others, but when it comes to buying them for myself, I’m either overwhelmed or under-confident. However, since I’m preparing to give my “D+ Dressing without Stressing” workshop to Bottomless Closet clients in May, it’s time to face my fear, so I’ve enlisted my stylish friend Carol to help me. It’s incredible how Carol always finds the just-right piece to amp up her style. Tomorrow, I’m shadowing her to find out firsthand how she shops for jewelry and scarves. Later, she’ll use my purchases to answer questions like

  • if you have to cover all cleavage in the workplace, how can you use accessories to soften a severe neckline?
  • how do you choose the best basics for you?
  • do watches, bracelets and rings make any difference when it comes to distracting from the bustline?
  • what’s too small and what’s too big on me?
  • what are the logistics of the balance point?
  • how do I compensate for my neckline metal allergy?

If you have any questions, ask away!

Of course I’m going to be grilling Carol about scarves, but Imogen Lamport provides a head start with her newly posted video, How to Wear Scarves When You’re Busty. I’m thrilled that Imogen still writes for D+ cups even though she herself recently had a reduction.