I (Darlene) have been pestering Mia to write about this jacket since I wrote about it in February. The dress she really wanted to review today is at the drycleaner, so she has finally agreed to write about the jacket instead. You’ll understand her lack of enthusiasm when you read what she has to say.

There are times when the ladies here at Hourglassy disagree. Things that may be flattering on an F may look down right awful on a J.  In many ways it’s just the nature of the business and the bust.


This jacket looked so great on Darlene that she thought sizing up, it’d look equally as great on me. But all busts are not built the same.

I hated this jacket on me. As a rule , I am not one to favor horizontal stripes. It makes me look even wider than my waist already is. But the main issue I want to point out is that even though I’d sized up to accommodate my bust, the jacket still doesn’t fit. If you look at where the button hits on my body and the way the stripes lay, you can see that it’s a completely different look on me than it is on Darlene.

This week I just wanted to demonstrate that sizing up is not always the answer.