My writing lull continues as I wait for a few ideas to germinate, so while that’s happening, I want to try to use this time to do some much-needed blog housekeeping and organizing. Feel free to weigh in with any ideas of what would be helpful to you. I know that the “Big Bust Clothing Options” page is practically obsolete. Also, last year  seemed to have a dearth of swimsuit reviews to link to on other blogs, and I want to avoid a similar famine this year. If you know you’re going to buy a swimsuit this year and would be willing to review it for Hourglassy, would you shoot me an email  at darlene [at] hourglassy [dot] com? Or  if you’re a blogger who is planning to review swimwear, please make sure I catch your review! Later this week I plan to post on the Campbell & Kate blog about Bottomless Closet, a NYC non-profit that provides a valuable service to disadvantaged women entering the workforce, and I’m going to link to it here. I hope you’ll click through and read about it . . . and perhaps dream with me about how we can support organizations like it.