This week I’m reviewing an item from a super cute online store I just discovered called “The Oblong Box.” I really like the shop’s message, and their house brand clothes are very reasonably priced and come in a wide range of sizes. From their “About Me” section:

Named after the vintage horror film featuring a story by Edgar Allen Poe . . . my love of horror films spawned my shop but my love for all women and their beautiful shapes is what was ultimately born from it. The Oblong Box Shop means coffin . . . but it also means odd shaped box . . . no two girls are the same size so why only make clothes in 3 sizes?

So great! The discovery started when I stumbled across a Heart of Haute dress on the site for 30% off and only my size left in stock (lucky!). I’ve had my eye on the Midnight Peacock Monique dress (review to come) ever since it was released but have been reticent to pay $99 for it. I additionally had a 10% coupon for the shop, so I looked around to see what else they offered and found their section of “pin-up tops”—stretchy, strappy, ruched sweetheart tops that come in tons of bright colors and sizes from Small to 2X.

Most of the tops feature criss-cross straps in the front, but some have regular straps, which I much prefer. I think the crossed ones look like they’re choking the models! (Actually, I just now read the full description, and it turns out you can wear them crossed in front or back. In back sounds nice!)

The criss-crossed tops are ruched in front and back, while the regular straps are ruched just on the front panel. I ended up buying the regular-strapped bright cobalt blue and the teal-like peacock:


The bust has light foam padding inside it (the criss-cross ones do not, though), which for smaller-chested ladies will probably serve as an okay bra replacement. In my case, it’s hardly enough support, but it does maintain a nice, round profile and means there’s no visible nipple and you can wear textured bras (lace or significant seams) without it showing through. The sweetheart neckline and twisted top are also supremely flattering.


It’s quite boobalicious. In these photos, I’m wearing an Ewa Michalak CHP-style bra, but when I wore it with my Ewa S-style, which gives more push-up both upward and toward the center, it was practically indecent.

Made of a swimsuit-like 96% polyester / 4% spandex blend, it’s also very tight and clingy. Since my measurements (37”-29”-41”) fall exactly in the size Medium, it’s obviously supposed to fit this way. But you can really see where my bra is pinching in and I’m not crazy about how my tummy looks. So I might size up to a Large if I buy more of these.

The other issue is that the straps are set very wide. My Ewa has the widest straps of all my bras, and it’s still visible, especially in back. If you click on the photos to view them full-size, you’ll be able to see it. I guess it’s minor enough that I don’t really care, but I wish the straps were just a tiny bit further in or were a bit thicker. I can’t even imagine trying to match up a bra to the criss-cross straps! I guess it’d have to be a strapless.

Of course, my favorite way to wear these tops is with high-waisted bottoms. Here it is in peacock paired with my Freddie’s 1940s Button Pants:


So perfect! I guess that’s one bonus of the top being so tight—it slides under high-waisted garments super smoothly.