Mia is out sick today, so I’m filling in with this great coat that I found at Bloomingdale’s on Monday. I preferred the way that size 3 looked on me overall (more streamlined), but it was slightly tight at the armholes. Size 4 felt comfortable at the arms, but it looked slightly baggy. However, if I were in the market for a coat this year, I would give the Ted Baker Nevia belted wrap coat serious consideration.

First, there’s an extra dart coming from the princess seams that ensures a flattering fit around the bust (although a deeper dart would likely solve the tight armholes issue). Second, the collar stands up effortlessly. If you’re short like me and find belted wrap coats tend to look fussy and cluttered compared to the way they look on 6′ models, this stand-up collar gives instant length to your stature.

Ted Baker bust friendly nevia belted wrap


There’s a seam at the waist that helps maintain your hourglass line. I couldn’t find any photos of the lining, but it’s in a beautiful print, and it has as many seams as you see in the exterior below.


ted backer bust friendly nevia belted wrap back

I just dug out my coat find from last year. For all that searching, guess what? I didn’t wear it once because I never got around to having the sleeves shortened! However, even though it is now too large, I believe I can adjust the wrap feature for a tighter fit that is still flattering and will accommodate both my bust and bulky layers. My coat was also at Bloomingdale’s on Monday, so it’s another option for those of you in the market for a coat this year.