I’m still on a bit of a swimwear kick even though I should really consider myself done shopping at this point. But I’m newly obsessed with the bikini being worn by big-busted model Kate Upton on the cover of June’s Vogue UK. I mean—look at it!


Is that not the perfect bikini? It’s totally on trend with its super high waist and vintage-style top with fabulous yet not overwhelming cleavage and just a little bit of the “bullet” shape. Also, the print. I die. It’s so pretty and sophisticated.

As soon as I saw this, I just had to know who the designer is and how much it costs. If it’s on the cover of Vogue, it’s a safe bet that it’s laughably out of my budget, but I still needed to know!

Figuring out the designer was easy—it’s Dolce & Gabbana. But I can’t find the set for sale anywhere! It’s not on the D&G website even though the rest of the matching collection of ’50s-inspired dresses, pants, tops, and even accessories are all there. There’s a photo of it among the runway images:

dg runway

But it’s not listed in D&G’s own online store, or anywhere else for that matter. I guess that could mean it’s sold out. But I just want to know the price. There is a hideous bodysuit version for sale on D&G’s website for $573 (down from $1,145!), and I found a similar bikini on the designer markdown site Net-a-Porter for $469 (originally $670). So I guess it’s safe to assume the Vogue set is somewhere between there.

dg bodysuit

dg bikini

Anyhow, the one bright spot of news is that ASOS has a cute feature listing a few bikini sets they sell that are similar to the cover, one of which really is quite nice.

asos gossard

asos gossard back

asos gossard closeup

It’s the Gossard Birds Of Paradise set. Again it’s a print that is just lovely. Gossard is also a good fit for me in their bras, though I do have to size up in the band and cup. This top is a bit of a wild card, though. The front is the same shape as the Gossard Super Egoboost Strapless I tried some time ago, which in a 30 band was too tight to even close. But the back of this top isn’t as wide as the bra and uses a standard non-adjustable clip, not hooks and eyes. Since the 30G is sold out on ASOS, I’d definitely have to get at least a 32, but the 30 was so tight, and I prefer bikinis to be a little looser than my bras, so it’s actually a tossup as to whether I’d want a 32 or 34. Of course, I could always behave myself and just not buy it at all!