I tried three Prima Donna suits in the past week–the Punch bikini top in 34G at Town Shop, the Copa Cabana one piece in 34H at Intimacy, and the Sherry one piece in 34G, also at Intimacy. Since the one pieces retail from $145-$280, and the bikini tops are $130+, I guess it’s a good thing that the cups were too small for me.  If the suits had fit me, here is why I would have wanted to buy one:

1. Amazing Fabric.

Most of it is from Italy (some from Switzerland), and it uses Xtra Life Lycra fiber, which helps the fabric keep its shape 5-10 times longer than unprotected elastane. As far as I can tell, all of the high end swimwear manufacturers are now using high quality fabrics, so this isn’t unique to Prima Donna, but I don’t think it’s common in the “mainstream”  big bust brands like Eveden and Panache (although the Fantasie Versailles may have it). So when I finished trying the Prima Donna swimsuits and turned to the Panache Tallulah, I was in for a GIANT letdown. It felt rough and thin in comparison.

The colors and prints in the collection are wonderful–there isn’t one mature black or heavy floral in the bunch. Instead, there are bright stripes, dots and textures–along with a “night blue” for the customer who insists on a dark shade. Prima Donna has a reputation for being stodgy in some parts of the D+ world–perhaps because most of its bras begin at a 32 band and its more affordable basics cost over $90, associating it with an older customer–so I’m thrilled with the fresh and sophisticated feel that they’ve captured.

2. Attention to Fit and Design Details.

Prima Donna has incorporated its bra patterns and fit knowledge into its suits, with details like cups created with more elasticity at the upper part of the breast–where it’s needed–and less at the base, and concave underwires that won’t dig into a woman’s rib cage. However, you’ll find their three-part cups have a little less fabric to avoid the bra look.

The tankinis contain fully integrated bras that are padded (they call it “mousse”) and shaped for a rounded look. Some of the one-pieces have key-hole backs for guaranteed support (and the same cup as the tankini). The one-pieces with tummy control, draping and ruching simply have high backs (as well as “un-moussed” integrated bras). The fabric in the bands has the same great kickback that you would expect from their bras, so there’s a lot of security.

As I mentioned yesterday, there are delightful details that are both functional and decorative:

  • moveable hardware (all hardware is heat-resistant)
  • drawstrings to adjust the sides and tops of the cups and bottoms
  • convertible halter options

If you’re lucky enough to fall within the size range for Prima Donna Swim and are in the market for a suit this summer, definitely give them a try. But be warned that it’ll be hard to resist purchasing one of their suits.

prima donna swim copa cabana upclose bust
The tell-tale pillowing that saved me from going into debt for this suit. I tried sweeping myself to the sides, but the pillowing returned.

prima donna swim copa cabana side

prima donna swim copa cabana back
The bottom of the keyhole is encased in solid fabric for security, instead of merely hemmed. I also like that it’s so key-hole like, vs. tacked-on-bra-band like. You’ll see what I mean when I review the Panache Tallulah later.

prima donna swim copa cabana internal band

prima donna swim copa cabana halter
Playing with the halter option.
prima donna swim sherry front
The Sherry in coral. It has a LOT of control.
prima donna swim sherry strap closeup
I love the purely decorate hardware on the Sherry straps.
prima donna swim sherry side underwire ending
My thumb is at the ending of the underwire. I think the placement is pretty good.

prima donna swim sherry one piece internal cups

prima donna swim sherry bust closeup
Nope, too small.


prima donna swim green closeup of clasp
The Pina Colada full top bikini goes to an H cup and has the adjustable halter option (30-40G, 32-38H). You can see the blue Pina Colada in the background.
prima donna swim blue bikini closeup
The Sherry in blue. Only goes up to a G.
prima donna swim navy and red cocktaill one pieces
The Cocktail one pieces in fiesta red and night blue. They go up to an H cup and have tummy control. The style on the left is asymmetric (surplice/wrap). I think the style on the right is like the Sherry.
prima donna swim navy bikini closeup
The Cocktail bikini top also goes to an H cup, and it is adjustable in the center and on the sides.
prima donna swim inner cup closeup
The lining inside the Punch full cup bikini (only goes to a G).