At Curve last August, I kept hearing these questions:

“Have you seen Prima Donna’s new swimwear line?”

“Did you know that Prima Donna has come out with swimwear?”

“Isn’t Prima Donna’s new swimwear line amazing?”

After finally trying two of the one-piece suits at Intimacy on Monday, my answer to the last question is “YES, YES, YES!!!” I’ll tell you more about it later today or tomorrow, but here are a few pictures in the meantime.

prima donna swim closeup removable clasp
The Copa Cabana full-top bikini and one piece are two of the only five styles that go up to an H cup (32H-40H in the bikini; 32H-38H and 40G in the one piece). What you see in this picture is a detachable strap for a halter option!
prima donna swim coral bikini tie closeup
The Sherry bikini full top in this picture only goes from a 32G-40G, but the padded full cup bikini top begins at a 30G.
prima donna swim bikini stripe closeup
The Punch full cup bikini also only goes from 32G-40G (and the padded balcony in the background goes from 30G-38G). What’s amazing about the Punch full cup bikini is that both the sides and the center are adjustable, so the gathers that you see are both decorative and functional.