The first heatwave of the summer hit us early this year and we’re enjoying close to 30 celsius (86 fahrenheit) degree weather here in northern Europe. That of course meant for me as a Finn that we were off to the summer house to relax in the sun by a lake.

When I was packing I realized that, noooo! I have no swimwear. My trusted Athena tankini I wrote about last summer is all worn out and my bikini is too big for me currently (and hopefully permanently).

So now, I’m after either a one piece or a tankini. Despite my training routine, in my own eyes I’m not bikini-fit this summer–I would not feel comfortable. So far I’ve gone through Figleaves’ and Bravissimo’s offerings and only two items have caught my eye.

Criteria: no halterneck, adjustable straps, more serious than fun look, blue. Blue because I’ve noticed that with my ghostly pale skin it tends to look the best. I don’t tan; I only burn and get freckles (both of which are currently clearly visible after two days in the sun, despite the sunscreen).

The Fantasie Versailles Underwired Twist Front Control Tankini goes up to GG and promises to “flatter your figure in all the right places” with its “gathered fabrics and adjustable sides.” It costs US$105 on Figleaves.

Fantasie Versailles tankini
Fantasie Versailles tankini



I love how the gathers seem to flatter the figure and are merciful on the soft areas. Simple, yet stylish. And I adore the royal blue color! Royal blue has been my favorite nailpolish color this spring. The bottom is ideal, I prefer to wear “shorts” rather than anything higher cut. Adjustable bottoms are my swimwear go to for this reason.


The Bravissimo Santorini Swimsuit goes up to K cup with a “clever leg block colour” that “gives the illusion of a great shape.” It costs 49£ on Bravissimo.

Bravissimo Santorini swimsuit


An all-over pattern is something I personally find figure-friendly, and I really like this type of elegant and simple pattern. Blue and white is a classic combo although I prefer a little brighter blue. If the fit is right, then I do think this can support my figure well, and I can enjoy myself on the beach wearing this.

The only issue is that I don’t know which one to choose now!


Having said that I wouldn’t feel comfortable in a bikini, I was feeling adventurous on my lunch break today and ventured into Change. The sales lady was helpful and knew her stuff (I evesdropped her advice to a lady in the next changing room, and she got her to drop a few band sizes and go up a few). The closest thing they had to my Freya Deco UK 34GG was a Change EU 75I.

Change Aruba

I tried this change Aruba on in 70I, but it was too tight and the cup was too small. Then I tried the 75I, and there was unfortunately only a teeny tiny fit issue with over bulging. The cup was nearly there, and it wasn’t all that noticeable, but still–it did not fit perfectly.

But then, I would only wear a bikini at our summer house in a private yard so it got me thinking that maybe I’ll try one from their online sale and opt for a more fun look for summer house use.

Change Clearwater
Change Clearwater

It seems to be the same sort of balconette style I tried on in the store and it’s vibrant blue which I love! Also the red detailing works for me even though this is a more fun look than I would normally go for. But the price is excellent for a little unsure purchase!