I don’t know why, but my lovely 5 year old daughter has decided that her hearts desire is to have a “beach vacation” this summer. First of all, I don’t like to be hot. Anything over 80 degrees and I am sweating and uncomfortable and daydreaming about air conditioning. But, she’s never been to the beach and I’m not going to be the one standing in the way of her dream.
I am going to spend the next month or so in search of a bathing suit. Now this bathing suit has to hold me in well enough so that I can play on the beach and keep my lady bits from falling out when I bend over but I don’t want to look like a homely mom. I still want my husband to look at me and wish the kids weren’t around. Although I wear a 32J bra I like my bathing suit bands to be a little loose. It’s hard to hide band induced back fat in a bathing suit. My bathing suit size is closer to a 34H.
A few years ago I purchased what was, at the time my perfect bathing suit. The Monroe by Panache was retro-sexy but not so much that my son wouldn’t want me wearing it around his 14 yr old friends. Unfortunately, my beloved Monroe was stolen at a spa in Brooklyn.


One of the things I loved most about the old version of the Monroe is the pop of color added by the red band. The version that is currently available has a blue band. Sigh…


Because I know this type of Panache suit fits me well, the Telulah caught my eye. I also think that having a center panel design with solid sides and back is quite slimming.


I’m still trying to keep an open mind when it comes to brands. As I’ve said before, just because I have had a prior negative experience, I will always give a brand another try. To that end, I’m considering a tankini by Fantasie or Bravissimo.
The Malawi tankini top by Fantasie leans a bit more to the sexy side but depending on how plunging the plunge is, may still work.

image image
The Sienna tankini top is in my favorite bathing suit print, a playful polka dot. I prefer the red bottom to the polka dot.

image image
What do you think?