If Suzette’s had had a 34GG in latte, the Idina would be my everyday beige balconette, too, because even in a skin tone, it’s fresh and pretty. In either color, it’s that hard-to-find combination of supportive and sexy (although strangely, I don’t think any of the sexiness comes across in its photos).

When I like a bra this much, I sometimes pretend I don’t care about seams showing under tee shirts.

Here’s what I love about this bra on me:

  • a lifted, rounded shape that reminds me of a Cleo
  • absolutely no extra space between the base of my breasts and the underwires
  • no underwires poking under my arms
  • perfect tacking

Some reviews have said that the Idina runs small, and I would tend to agree. Although I fit other 34G’s on the day I visited Suzette’s, I almost spilled out of the Idina cups in that size. As for the band, the underwires occasionally pressed painfully into my rib cage. An extender helped, and after two weeks the 34 fit me perfectly on the loosest hook.

idina stretch
One of my favorite features is the stretchy top edge of the cups.
idina sling
A no-stretch half-sling contributes to stability and forward projection.
idina sheer wing
Even though the wings are lined with beige power mesh, I like how they look lacy and sheer on the outside.
full bust bra unfinished seams idina
I’m not a fan of the unfinished seams, but if they help keep the cost to $62 and I get at least 6 months of heavy wear out of the bra, then I’ll put up with it.
full bust bra rolling under underwire
Now that I’ve been wearing this bra for over a month, I wish the band beneath the underwire would lie flat as it does when I press it (top) instead of rolling up under the underwire as it does when I leave it alone (bottom). Fortunately, this doesn’t cause any discomfort.

I still haven’t been able to try the Panache Envy, which was my shopping goal when I discovered the Idina, but you can read Holly’s review of the Envy on The Full Figured Chest. I’ll be curious to compare the two once I’ve tried them both (or to read her review once she has). If plunges are more your thing, then be sure to check out Wide Curves’ review of the Idina plunge.