Do you remember how much I loved Keira Cameron’s protector uniform on Continuum? To refresh your memory: princess seams + zipper front = flattering options for both large- and small-busted women.

big bust could wear continuum protector uniform

Now there’s a designer on Kickstarter who wants to bring this style from fantasy to reality. katracksuit

The “KaTracksuit” would come in long or short sleeves and either velour or cotton/lycra fabric. Unfortunately, there are only three days left to get from $526 to the designer’s goal of $40,000, so it looks like the KaTracksuit is going to stay in the realm of science fiction for now.

The second Kickstarter option looks like it could really happena new full-bust clothing designer has 35 backers so far and is $3440 closer to her $10,000 goal, with 28 days left to reach it.


 The designer is starting with beachwear for now, including bikinis for U.S. cup sizes D-K and band sizes 28-40. If you pledge $100, you might even be able to wear one to the beach this August. I’m impressed with the designer’s plan, especially that she plans to test “the fit of each style on fit models of different sizes within our size range to ensure the reliability of our fit guide.”