After last week’s Modesty Panel (click through for up-to-date links to everyone who wrote on the subject), it’s time for something light this week.

I won two tickets to watch the Knicks beat the Pacers last Thursday for the NBA playoffs ($116 each for the second-to-last row of the highest section!). The game was great, but I was wowed by the cheerleaders, aka the Knicks City Dancers. This is one of the uniforms they wore to dance in that night. Can you see why it caught my eye?

large breasts can't dance in this Knicks City Dancer uniform

big busts can't wear backless cheerleading dress

big bust can't wear backless cheerleader uniform

That’s right. No backs = no bras. And these women did a lot of jumping jacks as part of their routine. As a D cup or higher, could you imagine doing Zumba in one of these dresses?

Here’s another uniform I saw that evening.

big busts and baggy tee bad combo

It was worn by the people who shot the tee shirts into the stands.

baggy tees still need a good bra

The jumbotron captured a closeup of one of the women shooters in mid-jump as her big boobs did an extra jump. At the time, I thought, “So I guess this is the busty woman’s uniform–a baggy tee shirt.” Later it dawned on me that no matter what she wore on top, that woman needed a supportive bra more than anything else. Of course there are limits to how much even a good sports bra can improve the look of a man’s tee shirt on a woman’s body.

Finally, my husband and I were introduced to the another time traveling television show called Continuum this weekend. I love the heroine, Keira Cameron, and I really love her protector uniform. It’s a uniform that both small and large-chested women could fit and look good in.

 big bust could wear continuum protector uniform

You can create a V-neck with the zipper to give yourself more neckline boob than waistline boob. For real life, a suit with princess seams and zippered closure is even better than being bullet-proof!

big busts like zippers for fit and versatility

So far we’ve only watched the first four episodes of this Canadian show, but I really like how the focus is on Keira’s intelligence and fighting skills more than her looks. In one episode, a local policewoman tries to make nice with her by saying, “I really like what you’re doing with your hair.” Keira just stares at her, like “What does that have to do with anything?” The show also revolves around her devotion to the husband and son she left behind in 2077.

Sadly, according to TVLine’s interview with Rachel Nichols, the actress who plays Keira, it doesn’t look like her super suit is going to become a reality for the rest of us anytime soon:

On Twitter, everybody always says, “Oh, that’s suit’s so sexy,” and I always say, “Yes” — when I am zipped in it and sewed into it and pushed up and pulled out and tucked in, it is hot. It is sexy. Getting me into and out of that suit? Not so sexy. Also, the copper one is a two-piece suit, so there’s this huge sort of granny band sort of stretchy… It’s an elastic-waistband pant, actually. And I say to people, “And when it’s cold, that suit is freezing — it doesn’t retain any heat. And when it’s hot, you sweat to death.” “Form before function” as far as I’m concerned. As long as it looks good, I will tough it through!

I bet we all have some uniform stories in our past. Share some of the winners and losers that you’ve worn or seen!