For the last ten months, a group of us who blog about breasts and proper bra fit have begun calling ourselves the Bosom Bloggers and discussing various topics that come up in the course of our blogging. One subject that keeps surfacing is modesty. After it’s raised, at least one of us will say, “I need to blog about that someday . . . ,” usually followed by one of several reasons not to:

  • “. . . but it’s such a complex subject.”
  • “. . .but it’s so personal.”
  • “. . .but I don’t have time.”
  • “. . .but I don’t want to alienate anyone.”

Despite our reasons for avoiding the subject, we know it’s an important one. After all, even if we don’t write about it directly, each of us has experiences, beliefs and assumptions about modesty that influence how we blog about breasts. So this week we’re taking the plunge and exploring the subject from a variety of perspectives. For this discussion, we’re calling ourselves The Modesty Panel. Look for posts about modesty here and on the following blogs that represent just a fraction of the other fabulous Bosom Bloggers.

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