A local supermarket chain launched a clothing collection with a celeb curvy model named Janina Fry (ex Frostell) some years ago. While it may not be the solution for the very ample-bosomed woman, it is still refreshing to see a clothing line that is designed for curves.


I’ve been watching it evolve and finally decided to buy one dress. I had walked past the Janina F collection rack several times while buying groceries, and there was this one dress that I just had to have. A lot of the collection is a bit too casual or matronly for my personal taste, but there are some items that I really do love–like this dress below that I bought some days ago.

Jersey JaninaF dress with zip shoulder details and a gold back zipper.
Jersey JaninaF dress with zip shoulder details and a gold back zipper.

Some general words about the collection. I thought that it would be brilliant for bustier women as the woman behind the label is a busty woman herself. But sadly I’ve mostly been left disappointed. While it may accommodate slightly larger busts, I seem to be too busty for many items. On the other hand, more stretchy items seem to fit me better than anything from a “normal” clothing range.

Janina F
Janina F modelling her own clothing line. I like the blue and white dress because the shoulder details and the solid color sleeves draw attention higher up from the bust.

I was also a bit doubtful about the quality as it was a supermarket chain collaboration clothing collection. That is where I’ve been wrong. While it may not be top notch quality, it is far better quality in fabric and seams than, for example, Pepperberry. The jersey fabric isn’t the clingy kind, so my dress can handle several washes and still look new.

I’m in the middle of home renovations right now, so I haven’t had time to take a photograph of me wearing my new dress, but I’ll try to post one once everything returns to normal.