This week I had the pleasure of attending my very first Curve Expo. I’m so glad that Leah and Darlene also attended (on different days) because I can’t imagine trying to tackle such a large event solo. I was more than a little excited to get my first official press pass. My goal was to not only stop by the booths of brands that specialize in larger cup sizes but to also look for lingerie/loungewear that would work for busty ladies from brands I hadn’t seen before. Next week’s column will focus on bras, but this week I’d like to show a few pieces that I really loved.

Curvy Kate’s offerings did not disappoint. My favorite lingerie from Curvy Kate would have to be the Ritzy Babydoll in Ruby/Spice. The richness of this red fabric reminds me of Fauve. Being that Fauve only goes up to an H cup, these lush babydolls are a gorgeous substitute. The Roxie Camisole in Night/Silver is another CK lingerie option. This shade of blue has a depth to it that makes it look expensive and works with all skin tones. I’m looking forward to seeing what Curvy Kate releases as their line continues to grow.

curvy kate babydoll collage

There were several brands that offered night shirts at Curve, but I wanted to find high end options that we could fantasize about. Busty girls deserve to dream, too! Two booths stood out. They are definitely not designed for large busts, but both had stunning items that would work for those of us with a larger chest.

This is The Queen Robe by Donna Reis. The model here has a very small bust, but when I examined the garment in a larger size I could see that there was quite a bit of room in the bust. Also, the way the robe opens on top provides more space for a larger chest. The satin she uses is light and beautiful. The lace at the waistline is stretchy without loosing its shape or looking cheap. How I dream of descending a grand staircase in this robe!

queen robe collage
When I saw these kaftan-like gowns presented by Felice Art Couture, I was reminded of The Great Gatsby. You would actually have to touch the satin yourself to understand how soft it is. The beading is heavy but more decadent than gaudy or overdone. Unfortunately, this is another item that most of us would wear a bra under, but the great thing about it is the draw string would hit a large chest below the under bust and create an “empire-ish” line. The weight of the fabric and the fact that it is a draw-string and not simply a tie keeps it from bulking/gathering in a way that would give us that pregnant look. I wish my phone wouldn’t have died on me and I could’ve gotten a photo of these actual pieces. They are simply divine!

caftan collage