Please send get well wishes to Tina! Corporate Curves is taking a sick day today. In its place, here are two images that caught my eye over the weekend.

First, I’m sure you know why this Wolford Como top caught my eye–the scoop neck and elbow sleeves are my two favorite ways to dress my full-busted body shape.  However, I was also struck by how far the model’s shoulders extend past the shoulder seams. This is an excellent example of how shoulders–and not the bust–can give a woman an hourglass shape.

wolford scoop neck for big busts

When I think of an hourglass shape, I think of corsets, which is why this second image caught my eye. It’s a screenshot from Season 1, Episode 7 of The Paradise, so please forgive the blurriness.

paradise corset

The character Pauline is pretty petite everywhere, including her bust, so I was struck by the corset “carveout” for her breasts. I know nothing about corset construction, but I’m accustomed to corsets looking squashy at the bosom, so I love the idea of a corset that builds around the bust. It turns out that gussets are our friends.

Here are two more images from my subsequent search for “corset gussets”.  The first comes from a blog post discussing whether “gore” or “gusset” is the right term. All I know is that I’d like a denim corset with boob room like this!


Next up is this beauty from the 1820’s. Imagine the lift!

Meg Andrews corset