Yesterday morning was a two-pronged dressing dilemma: I wanted to dress up for church, but I wanted to wear jeans for everything we were doing afterwards. My Jailyn velvet tank top was the perfect solution.

jailyn velvet top for big busts

I have to admit that I haven’t worn this top much since I first reviewed it a year ago (you can also read the review from a smaller-sized perspective), but I’ve loved having the option in my closet. And now that the price has plunged from $74 to $44, it’s easy to justify buying a special occasion top.

Too bad my black cardigan doesn’t keep up with the dressy velvet tank. The top would look sharper with the BiuBiu Avila jacket or the Urkye Kameleon jacket. I also think it’d look cute under a denim jacket with different bottoms. (The commenters to my original review also had great suggestions.)

By the way, I’ve found a new basic bra that I like: the Fantasie Jana in 36H. I’m wearing it in this photo. I like the shape, lift, projection and price. The only thing I dislike about it is the cheap feel of the fabric–it’s not scratchy, but there’s nothing soft or indulgent about it to make me feel special as I’m getting dressed.