Five down, eleven to go. Knowing I would report to you helped get me going today, but it was difficult after taking Saturday and Sunday off. The gorgeous weather also helped. Although I was already bored of walking by last Friday, it took a tour of a nearby gym on Saturday to remind me of how lucky we are to have a couple (hopefully!) more months to exercise outside.

I’m having fun coming up with ideas for my rewards. Some of you were super smart when you suggested workout gear in the comments last week, but I’m leaning more toward feeling pretty at home in the evenings than looking sharp when I’m walking, so this cami from Bijte is currently at the top of my list. I had coffee with Diana St. Louis, the founder of Bijte, last week, and I was reminded how much I like her and her vision. If I surpass my goal, I may treat myself to the BreastNest that Holly has me excited about.

There are a lot of Fit & Active posts to look forward to from other bloggers this month. Wide Curves has begun her series by writing about the challenge of finding sports bras for large breasts that are also good for someone who is autoimmune.

If you’re not interested in fitness and activity, don’t worry. We have plenty of other subjects we’ll be writing about. A little later today I’ll finally be posting about how to make a scoop neck tee shirt even scoopier.