I don’t do anything school-related anymore, but this time of year always feels like a fresh start. With only a few months left to the year, Labor Day is like New Year’s Lite! In keeping with the New Year’s theme, I’m setting a Labor Day resolution to become active again.

A giant thank you goes to Fussy Busty for giving me the push I needed to do this. She mentioned it to me and some other bloggers in early August, which gave me enough time to recognize my need for exercise and to mentally prepare for it. Once September 1 arrived, I dusted off my gym shoes, squeezed back into my Enell sports bra, and hit the road walking for 30 minutes. I did the same thing today.

I’m still pondering what specific goal to set. Too often I start too high (an hour a day five days a week!), get sick, and quit. At the other extreme, I set a goal that’s too easy (half an hour three times a week), get bored or distracted, and quit. So I think I’ll make this my September goal: exercise for at least half an hour for sixteen days (i.e., four days a week). Now I need to come up with a reward for reaching my goal, and another reward for surpassing it. Any ideas?