I have to attend a Masonic “ball” with my husband in November and will be celebrating my 37th birthday on New Years Eve, so once again, it’s time to shop for special occasion dresses. The Masonic event is dressy but does not call for a ball gown. I have to wear black.

I had such good luck at Bettie Page that I will definitely keep them on my short list. I’d like to gather all of my ideas and then spend a weekend actually trying things on.

I am completely in love with the Ava dress by Pin Up Couture. The draping of the skirt and sexy neckline make it perfect for NYE, but it may be too boobalicious for the ball. However, I feel like it would be best to go ahead and buy it. If its as fabulous on as it is in my head, I can worry about where to wear it later.

big bust ava dress

big bust ava dress black

Being that I am a sucker for a circle skirt, the Tie Me Up dress by Deadly Dames immediately caught my eye. It is simple and with the right accessories (perhaps a pair of gloves) could be a winner. The only drawback is that I am not a fan of sleeveless dresses, especially in the Fall/Winter. I need to feel as good as I look, which means not having to worry about my jiggly arms.

big bust deadly dames dress

It seems as though I keep running into the same problem. How much sexy is too sexy? How much of our breasts can we expose without crossing to the other side of the tracks?

I’m sure I will add other options as my search continues. I hope that I can count on my savvy readers to share your opinions, ideas and suggestions.

Side note: I came across the Splendor dress by Bettie Page. Now this will not work for my birthday or the Masonic event but, just look at it. How could I not post a photo of this jewel? This would be a sure show stopper at cocktail party. I will not walk out of the store without trying this one on.

big bust bettie page splendor 1big bust bettie page splendor 2big bust bettie page splendor 3