Again have to apologize for being far too busy to write with thought. As my American coworkers call them, our Euro holidays are over and we’re shifting gears to get the project steaming ahead at full speed again. Long but fun hours.

Last week I finally received my Campbell & Kate blue shirt. Absolutely adore the color. The fabric and the tailoring are amazing as well! Blue is so much more me than white. Feel very me and confident wearing it even in meetings with CIO, or heck, even with CEO! My only gripe, sorry Darlene, which also proves that no – I was not asked to write about the shirt I purchased – is that the sleeves are oddly puffy and I would prefer slimmer sleeves. But still, can’t praise the fit enough!!!



The fabric even accommodates my tummy with comfort and the shirt feels put together all day long! Just wore it to work today with dark blue bootcut jeans, heels and a scarf. If I compare to Pepperberry, I much prefer paying a higher price for the fabric quality and the overall fit.