Back in February, when I was gung-ho about getting women into sports bras. I approached the guy at the front desk of my gym and asked if I could put posters up or sponsor an event, and he said he’d ask the manager. Then I took a very long break from exercising and never followed up. I should have factored laziness into my calculations!

Fast forward to this past Wednesday when  Larissa, the owner of my favorite Queens lingerie store, called to tell me that a group of runners were coming to her store on Saturday morning, and did I want to come? I had no idea what to expect, but of course I wanted to come. And since you couldn’t be there, I’m going to tell you all about it. There’s a little something for everyone today:

  • before-and-after bra fitting photos
  • gorgeous swimsuits on actual customers who make them look amazing
  • sports bra observations.

First, meet the Queens chapter of Black Girls Run. (They arrived in two shifts.)

group photo #1

group photo #2

My first before-and-after story is the kind we love to hate because it involves . . . Victoria’s Secret. After being fitted in a sports bra, Simone told me that she wears a 34F in sports bras but a 38C in everyday bras. When I said, “No way!”, she pulled out her Victoria’s Secret “prescription”.

VS prescription

So I begged her to try a 34F everyday bra, and here she is on the right in a Freya Deco. The difference is subtle, but it was enough to convince Simone (who measures 32″ around her rib cage) that she wasn’t a 38C. She asked me to write all her information on the card from VS because she was going to march back with the four 38C’s she’d just purchased at the beginning of June. My favorite quotes from Simone: “Maybe their [Victoria’s Secret’s] tape measure is different,” and “I’m an F. F— this!”)

black tanktop before and aft

Here’s a more dramatic before-and-after. Sondra went from a 38DDD to a 32GG. By the end of her fitting session, Sondra was diagnosing her own fit, figuring out that she needed to go up one more cup size for the perfect fit. (Excuse the obvious rectangular garment tag beneath her tee shirt in the photo on the right.)

yellow shirt before and aft

Angie’s before-and-after isn’t as dramatic, but I think you may be able to tell the difference. Don’t you love her dress?. I’m sorrythat  I don’t have her bra sizes to share here.

sundress before and aft

Next up are the swimsuit photos. When I saw Tracee in the Panache Tallulah one-piece, I was full of remorse hat I hadn’t bought it for myself (or the high-waisted bikini set). As I suspected, the way the band goes all the way around in back gives excellent support, and when she bent forward, everything stayed in place.

panache one piece

Not only does Tracee look amazing in a swimsuit, but she’s also an amazing mom who purchased this Fantasie Waikiki bikini in 32GG for her honor student daughter Mia. I’m hoping to get Mia to review this suit for Hourglassy.

amazing yellow grey bikini top

Mia’s little brother is further proof of Tracee’s mothering skills. The only male in the group, he never got embarrassed, and he never got annoying. Because Tracee was the organizer and stayed through both groups’ fittings, they were there a long time. My own husband wouldn’t have lasted so well (Mr. Campbell even refused just to spend the morning in the Barnes & Noble next door).

little brother

The reason I love this last swimsuit photo so much is that Kemoy almost didn’t even let us see her wearing this bikini, which would have been a real loss. In the end, she purchased it, and it’s going to be her first time to wear one  in public. I’m so glad she didn’t wait until she was 47 like I did! (Sorry I didn’t write the brand/style down, but I’m sure one of you knows and can share it with us in the comments.)

amazing turquoise bikin

Here she is wearing her new Fantasie tee shirt bra in 34F. Kemoy makes turquoise look amazing, doesn’t she?

cute pose of new tee shirt bra under turquoise tee

Finally, let’s talk about sports bras, which is what the group really came for. I may be wrong, but I think every woman who purchased a sports bra bought the Panache sports bra that Monique is holding up below. They loved the convertible racerback feature, and it performed well for the jump test.

posing with the sports bra before fitting

Monique is modeling her Panache sports bra in 36DD. Before, she had been wearing 38/40C’s.

adorable pose

Here, Tasha is modeling her Panache sports bra in 36G. Tasha’s before-and-after story makes me happy because she doesn’t have one! She came in wearing a Fine Lines 36G that she had been fitted in a Linda’s. By the way, Fine Lines is an Australian company that I’ve been wanting to research and write about. Hopefully I’ll have an opportunity at Curve next month.

g cup sports bra

Finally, here is Marjorie purchasing her Panache sports bra in 32E.

displaying the 32F Panache

Interestingly, the Panache sports bra wasn’t for everyone. Marjorie measures 31″ in the underbust, but her friend who measured 32″ in the underbust found it far too tight. She tried it on to see if they should order the 34D for her, but it turns out the cup shape just didn’t work for her. The only reason her friend didn’t try any other sports bra is because all of her running tees are scooped in at the sleeves, so she definitely wants a racerback. Thankfully we do have other racerback options out there.

Don’t you wish you could have been there on Saturday as well? This group almost made me want to start running.