Large underarm before

There’s nothing worse than going out to a party or other event and having pictures taken all night only to discover on Facebook or Instagram the next day that your bra was showing the whole time. That day you swear up and down that you’ll never wear that top again . . . but you love it so much you end up wearing it a lot, and loads more pictures end up on social media with your bra showing when you didn’t intend to.

Here’s a quick and dirty way to fix the underarm for a sleeveless top like the one I’m wearing. The top is from Gap from a couple of years ago in a size large. The medium wasn’t draping right so I went for the large telling myself I’d do a quick underarm fix . . . and now, two years later, here I am making the easiest alteration in the world.

First, put on your top and pinch out the amount of fabric so your bra isn’t showing. Make sure you don’t pinch out too much–you still want some drape.

large underarm pinch out fabric

Pin it so you can take off your top and fold it down toward the back. Stitch it down making sure to lock your stitches so your stitching doesn’t come out.

large underarm fold down and stitch

There you go!  You’re all set to go. Just so you know, standing with my hand on my hip, you will see the tuck I just made, but with my arms down nobody will be the wiser.

large underarm after

What do you think? Was it worth it? Did it make a big enough difference? Is this something you could see yourself doing? You could even do the stitching by hand.

Let’s compare the before and after:

before and after large underarm