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My latest foray into swimsuit and everyday bra shopping has highlighted some physical features that make a positive difference to the customer experience. After seeing these, I hope you’ll share what your favorite stores have done to make sure your time with them is a good one.

First, does your store have sheer fabric at its doors and windows that lets the light in while keeping inquiring eyes out? Until I paraded back and forth from the dressing room to where my mother was sitting in Sea Cup and Up, I never even considered this as an advantage, but I loved being able to move around so unselfconsciously. (It would have been different if there had been male customers in the store, but while I was there, we had the whole place to ourselves.)

Sea Cup and Up Front Door

Second, does the spacious dressing room with feminine touches also have a little fan to keep you cool? Even though Sea Cup and Up was the perfect temperature inside, we all know what hard work bra shopping can be. This little fan kept me fresh for the entire experience.


Next up is the Town Shop, which I discovered had just moved into its new space this past Tuesday!


July 9 Edit: After publishing my post on July 5, I realized I’d gotten ahead of myself in my enthusiasm to write about the changes at Town Shop. They’re still in their soft launch stage, so writing about them now is like reviewing a Broadway show while it’s still in rehearsals. If you’re in town, however, definitely pay a visit. And be prepared to want to spend! The calmer feeling in their dressing rooms, the different departments (a veritable lingerie department store!) and the luxury of space made me want to try and buy everything.