So the holiday is over and I’m back at work after suffering one of the worst flus I’ve ever had. This week I’m still thinking of my wonderful holiday in Portugal and will be sharing my city outfits I selected for my riding holiday.

I spent most of the days at a mountain village by a river, but we did three city excursions with our rental Fiat Panda (the slowest car ever!). Also we were unable to use our navigator, so the city days were quite adventurous on the back roads of the Portuguese countryside. We had planned all our visits, so I was able to plan what to bring with me for the week-long holiday. Our first city destination was Aveiro, by the Atlantic coast, where I wore a dress that I bought on my latest trip to NYC.




In the High Middle Ages capital of Portugal, Coimbra, I wore this Esprit top and GAP shorts.


And on our final day we toured around the current capital of Portugal, Lisbon. I chose my Michael Kors dress and Nine West jacket for this cooler day.



My wardrobe choices this summer have been very naval, and blue has become my new favorite color after realizing how it compliments my very pale pinkish skintone. I seem to wear a lot more color during the summer. I wonder if this is a worldwide phenomena or just me…?