One of the most exciting days in the history of Hourglassy has arrived! Today Leila of Three Dresses Project begins a monthly column about how to alter clothing to fit a large bust. It’s been a dream of mine to offer more posts on this subject, especially after it was the most requested item on our survey last summer. The biggest obstacle: I don’t sew.* However, I’ve been following Leila with interest ever since she wrote a post called Having to Adjust for the Bust for Fuller Figure Fuller Bust in 2011, and I always wondered if there was any way she would be willing to write about full bust alterations for Hourglassy. Then I wrote about my tunic dilemma and finally asked her, and she said YES! I don’t know how she does it–if you follow @lbreton on Twitter, you know that in addition to a million other sewing projects besides trying to reach her goal of finding “3 dresses that, when worn, make me feel like a million bucks”, she also homeschools.

With her overflowing schedule in mind, we’re starting out with a three month trial period** to make sure it’s manageable. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll continue writing after May because she and I have already come up with waaaaaayyyy more ideas than can be covered in three months.  I bet you have some ideas and questions of your own! If so, Leila wants to hear from you at askleila [at] hourglassy [dot] com. Write to her there, and there’s a chance your topic will be covered in her column.


*I know how to sew on a basic level, but my ambitions are much greater than my ability or time management skills. However, Leila’s first post for Hourglassy and her recent survey on Three Dresses Project of all the bust darts she’s created has me seriously considering finding a way to fit this in.

**I’m also taking to heart your survey responses that some of the series begun on Hourglassy seem to end abruptly after just a few posts. I have a tendency to jump into new things with gusto only to peter out on the follow-through, so this is my attempt to manage expectations all around.