Nothing like a reunion to cause some self-assessment.  The other night I attended a cocktail party hosted by my first law firm, and while I was probably the only entrepreneur at the event, I know I was the only big bust blogger there. Having handed my business cards to everyone I spoke to, the next day I found myself viewing Hourglassy with the imagined critical eye of a first-time reader–and I wasn’t very satisfied.

One of the main purposes of Hourglassy is to share resources available for full-busted women, but by trying to get a post out each day, I find I have neglected pages like Clothing for Us. Another consequence of trying to have something new for you to read each day is that the depth and quality of the posts may be suffering.

Would you help me get some perspective? As I take a step back in order to improve Hourglassy‘s resource pages, this seems like a perfect time to find out what you’d like to see more (and less ) of on this blog. If I publish fewer posts, what should those posts contain? I’d also like to gain a clearer idea of who you are. So I’ve put together a short survey of 10 questions that should take you no more than 5 minutes to complete. Would you answer them so that Leah and I can improve your Hourglassy experience? Click here to take our survey!