Every link in today’s roundup has to do with clothing:

  • Good news about DDAtelier: Domestic Outlet liked the skirt she ordered to go with her jacket so much that she’s going to order another one . . . in her correct size. Be sure to check out her post about sizing before you place your own order. And if you’re a US size 0/2, she’ll sell you her original purchase for just $60.
  • Finally, there was great excitement on Twitter and FB when Urkye posted a jacket on their sewing blog! What a great style for showing the waist and fitting the bust even when it’s buttoned–it would be fabulous if they would add this to their collection.

Late addition! Check out Azzy Makes’s discovery of Knit to Flatter. I read this post two Sundays ago and was so excited that I tweeted about it all morning. I only just watched the video tonight, and I now have a girl crush on Amy.