“Where objectifying women is normal – on Page 3, in no-feelings-no-pleasure porn, in red-lit windows – it’s not just the women taking part who become objects. It’s all of us. We are all abstract, disposable, controllable, passive, there for someone else’s pleasure.”

“Bullies . . . look for someone they can humiliate who is not very likely to fight back.

“But, and this is crucial, that does not mean that being insulted is your fault because you appear weak. It’s not that you are too fat, too black, too queer or simply too provocative. This also means, and that’s really important to understand and accept in all consequences, you cannot avoid being insulted by keeping your head down and following some secret rules.”

Spring cleaning your bra drawer.

“Used bras vary in value depending on their condition. Barring any damage from use, you can determine the bra’s quality (how heavily used it is) from the tag.”

“Thus I consider it my duty to give away semi-used bras because I read a lot about young students or others who could get some months’ use out of a bra I’ve worn some and have grown out of/never really fit into. Maybe it’s presumptuous, but I would have taken someone up on that offer when I was a student, especially when I was still trying to find my size!”

 Corsets and shapewear in real life.

How-to’s, reviews and musings.

“. . . the break-in period for bras . . . why it occurs and what you can do to alleviate the discomfort.”

“[F]orget wearing an ornate bra under thin knits without layering—a fabulous technique which adds visual interest to outfits and allows you to branch out beyond the basics.”

In 1994, Brazil solved its hyperinflation problem by introducing an entirely new currency.  Catpaws Cafe proposes doing the same for bra sizing.

“We still want to help you even if you can’t buy because we want you to leave with a positive experience of our shop, and all we ask in return is consideration.  After all, you wouldn’t visit a restaurant on a Saturday night, ask the waiter or waitress about every item on the menu, and then leave without ordering.”