This is my last Urkye review for a while, I swear! But the site recently had a sale in which items were up to 50% off from January 10 through 20, and I had a 20 zloty credit (more about that in a moment), so I couldn’t very well turn down another order, now could I? With the sale and my store credit, I ended up paying just $37.00 including shipping for these two items.

As for that store credit, it’s another testament to their great customer service. After my last post complained about the uneven sleeves on the Kieska dress, the store found my post and emailed me to ask if I wanted to send it back for repair, or accept a 20zl credit. I’ve never had a store follow up like that, not even on business review website, which is actually designed to allow local businesses to respond.

So on to the reviews! This time I ordered the Groszki faux wrap top and the Wodnik tee, both in black. I purchased the Wodnik in my usual size of 38o/oo because I wanted the sweeping back to be wider and more loose in the hopes that it would show off my back tattoo. I selected the Grozki in my sister size of 36oo/ooo because I preferred the tighter look on the model.

First up is the Wodnik. It’s a little hard to see all the seams due to the night time lighting under which this photo was taken, but it’s basically split in half horizontally a little above my natural waist. It also has princess seams from the shoulders to the horizontal seam.

I’m not crazy about the horizontal seam. I think it’d look a lot sleeker with one piece of fabric all the way down, with princess seams that continued from shoulder all the way down. But the princess seams, as usual, are perfect for fitting boobs into and looking polished.

As you can see, there’s only a tiny bit of my tattoo visible, so that idea was a bit of a bust (or maybe I just need to get another!). But I still think the back is quite pretty and clever. The black band you see under the swoop of fabric, by the way, is part of the shirt, not my bra band. This is a nice feature that allows for the “backless”Âť look while still allowing you to wear a bra. I also think it could be cool to wear a necklace backwards (especially a lariat-style one) so that a little sparkle is dripping down my spine.

Next up is Groszki:

I really love this top. I’m a big fan of polka dots and splatter-like prints, so this was perfect. It allows me to show off my figure big time, without actually showing much cleavage. As I ordered a smaller size and the fabric is more clingy and thinner than the solid shirts, it does show off my tummy more than I’d like. But I think the dots hide it pretty well unless I’ve just eaten a big meal.

The one thing I’m not totally sold on is the tie. I didn’t realize it was intended to be tied in the front, as the Urkye models do, so it was unnecessarily long in the back. But I guess it’s better to be too long in back if it allows you to tie it different ways. I’ll have to try it in the front slightly off to the side next time.

I do wish the body was a little longer, but I just looked up both these shirts and they’re actually the same length. So I think this one is just riding up because it’s tighter and is made of more clingy fabric. Still, the tightness and non-excessive length means I’ll be able to tuck it into all my high-waisted pinup-style shorts come summer (regular crewneck tees do not work with those things).

I’m really looking forward to wearing both these tops once the weather’s warm enough!