Normally I don’t blog about bras, but rather I tend to emphasize how important the right fit is for your mind and your body. I’m also a Deco-maniac, which is another reason I don’t often blog about bras–I only wear one style. However, Decos come in many colors and patterns every year, so it’s not like wearing the same bra all the time. 🙂

Where would I be without the Deco? I’ve tried to look for something better,  but I always come back to it. I’ve even heard a quote from a friend of mine: “Putting on a Deco is like getting a pair of new boobs!”. On lingerie sites for bigger busts like Bravissimo and BraStop, it generally rates between 4.5 to 5 stars.

I decided over Chritmas that I really needed some new bras. Only a few of mine worked for me anymore, and my trusted nude Deco had to RIP. That loyal partner had come to the end of its bra life. I went to my favorite online bra stores and put so many different kinds of bras into my shopping basket: Fantasie sidesupport ones, pretty Curvy Kates, gorgeous Masquerades, and Bravissimo’s own brand (especially the Satine) that had worked for so many, especially those who unfortunately do not get on with the Deco. As the Bravissimo sale approached, I asked for recommendations from my friends. The Tango plunge got many votes, as did the Bravissimo bras. There was a Deco Honey recommendation, too.

Freya Deco Honey in Firecracker color. Has some feminine lace detailing in the trimmings.

I couldn’t make up my mind and let it rest, but the Deco Honey idea stuck. It’s a prettied up version of the Deco that comes in Purple and Firecracker colors. Last Friday I had had it with my worn out favorite Crystal (that’s a Deco too) and thought, “Now – I need to order some bras finally!” I searched for the best deal for three Decos online and ended up at Figleaves.  This time I did not even hesitate. I had been thinking of ordering new bras for a month already! Now I’m eagerly waiting for my Charcoal, Black and Firecracker Decos to arrive. It’ll be like Christmas when they do.

Freya basic Deco in Black and Charcoal – I’ve ordered size 34GG. Unfortunately Freya Deco only goes up to GG cups.

For the past two days I’ve had a little trouble breathing because I’m coming down with a flu. What made it easier was deciding to wear the strapless Deco–having no straps on my shoulder actually made me breathe a little easier! The strapless Deco offers an outstanding shape and uplift for bigger cups. It’s not as good as the regular Decos, but it’s pretty darned impressive still.

What’s makes me so gaga over the Deco, you may ask? It’s the shape, it’s the uplift, it’s the comfort. Being able to wear it under just about anything because it is also a t-shirt bra essentially.

top left, me at my heaviest in a long time but strapless Deco doing a marvelous job. Other pictures are of the regular Deco or Crystal.

If you do need to wear a white shirt at work, then the nude Deco is your choice, but I rarely wear white so this is not an issue for me personally.  If I do, I have a few trusted camis with wider shoulder straps that can cover the colored bra straps so they don’t show. I’ll also share my current wishlist, all Deco of course!


My wishlist. The Taylor bra is a part of the Deco family. Love both versions and would not mind having them as normal and strapless versions. The Ocean color of the classic Deco I adore but haven’t managed to snatch in my size.

If you Google “Deco”, the first thing to show up will be the famous Brasilian/Portuguese football (yes football, I’m European) player Anderson Luiz de Souza. Be sure to Google “Freya Deco” to find this mighty bra instead.