Thanks for checking in today. There’s a good chance I’ll post something more substantive a little later, but I’m writing this update now just in case all the errands I’m running take longer than expected (as they already have up to this point). One of those errands is replying to past comments, either via the comments section or by email because I still haven’t caught up after our vacation, and I’d hate for you to think I don’t notice or care that you write. I especially appreciated your suggestions following last Thursday’s post.

Another one of my errands is figuring out how to take good photos using the new wall that I’ve chosen as my background. I have entirely rearranged our living room, and the old wall is no longer available. Once I get that sorted out, I’ll be photographing and analyzing two new cardigans that I found at Marshall’s over the weekend.

Also, my Macy’s order arrived, so I’ll be updating you on the Lilyette bras. Here’s a one-word sneak peek as to the biggest issue with them: tacking. Is tacking overrated? I’ll share my perspective on this as well.

Before anything else, however, I’m going to strap on my Enell sports bra and head to the gym and think about Kara’s suggestion that we run a sports bra awareness campaign.