Can you tell I’m having a hard time with clever titles while Off the Rack is on hiatus? Leah is enjoying time with her family this week, and I hope you are as well. She’ll be back in the new year with reviews of her new Biu Biu dress and Cleo by Panache bra.

In the meantime, has anyone ever tried Lilyette bras? I discovered that they go up to an American G cup when I clicked the Macy’s lingerie sale ad that you see on the far low right of this blog. At a little over $20 each after the discount, plus free shipping, they’re worth a try–if only for a quick review before I return them. If you decide to try them as well, please click through from this blog and I’ll get a nominal commission. Here’s what I’m ordering:

I realize this is a minimizer (boo!), but it reminds me of that cute Fantasie bra with buttons at the center gore that I can’t remember the name of right now.
This one actually looks promising . . . it’s a 3-part cup and doesn’t claim to minimize.
Finally, I don’t have ANY hopes for this one, but curiosity forces me to try it and compare it to the others. The single review on the Macy’s site says, “This bra crushed me even though it was the right size”.

I’m also slipping a Wacoal Alluring in black into my shopping basket because it’s a sure thing for me, even though I only get free shipping on it.

Here’s another site where I’ve been procrastinating from my end-of-year goals: Land’s End. This basic little knit dress is just $20!! And one of the biggest criticisms in the reviews is that it’s baggy on top. Yes, please! If it’s too baggy, I may use it for a blog post about alterations. It’s the kind of dress I’ve really been wanting more of this past week–easy to wear and accessorize.

I’ve added several other items to my basket. I see two possible outcomes from this order: (1) “Wow! Land’s End is better than I remembered it!” or (2) “Wow. Land’s End is just as unflattering as I remembered it.” I’ll keep you posted. (By the way, there’s no commission for me if you click through to their website from Hourglassy.)