Hello, hello again to all (*with a big smile and wave*)! I wrote today’s post after being inspired by the work wardrobe challenge. This came after voicing my comments on the topic and the discussion I had with Darlene while we shopped at TJMaxx. I realize my point of view might be a bit different from what many style gurus say about dressing big busts. I just don’t care. I don’t mind my bust size showing without minimizing effects, but I’m very uneasy with cleavage on show. I know at least one person who feels the same and is about my age and works as a teacher.

So I put these ensembles together from the Dorothy Perkins collection and Pepperberry shirts (although I can vouch that Campbell & Kate shirts are a much nicer quality!). There are countless more options with these items, but here are some I threw together from this list that suits all seasons:

-          4 dresses
-          2 shirts
-          2 tops
-          2 skirts
-          Jeans
-          Jeggings
-          Ponte trousers
-          2 coats
-          2 jackets
-          3 scarves
-          2 bracelets
-          2 rings
-          Bag
-          Gloves
-          4 pairs of shoes

The basic jersey top is very versatile, not to mention comfortable and affordable. It’s very easy to splash colour into an outfit with it and can be dressed up or down. It all depends if you wear it with jeans or more dressy trousers, flats or heels.

To get more use out of your tops, skirts are essential. They multiply the outfit options more than just wearing trousers with the tops.

Dresses, the easiest option I know! Warm knitted ones for winter, again casual or very smart casual depending on the accessories!

More classy and dressy dresses can be worn with boots and basic accessories if it’s very work appropriate. I often go with this dressy-but-not-too-dressy combo.

Patterns. I have been raving about those lately. In fact, I have been wearing patterned dresses on most days during the past week or so. There’s no need to use accessories. Pick any pattern you’re into–floral, ditsy, animal, paisley, or geometric, in bright, light, neutral,  or dark, depending on your skin tone. Express yourself with bold patterns no matter if you are a girly or edgier woman or anything in between!

 A shirt, especially a white shirt, is always a staple. It can be worn nearly with anything. With a jacket thrown over it, it is always stylish whether the bottom is, jeans, trousers or  skirt.

For bags, you really only need one to go with your whole wardrobe as seen on these pictures. But if you are anything like me, you just want options for different use.

Scarves are the most amazing transformer I know. They can change the style of any outfit. Shoes can, too: ballerinas–edgy or girly ones, chunky boots, nice heels, or ankle boots. Bracelets and big rings are my favorite jewellery. They’re inexpensive, too, so I am able to change my outfits with them in a gazillion way, even when traveling.

If you live in the cold, gloves and hats are also a style question, and I like to play with those. Either go with classy beret and sleek leather gloves, or have fun with mittens and beanies with a classy coat. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak!

P.S. There is no weather that should prevent looking stylish . . . or so I keep telling myself at the moment while looking out the window at a snowstorm with a work Christmas party scheduled for this evening.