First of all I hope everyone was safe from Sandy and the storm is over. I’m flying to New York on Friday so I guess I’ll see what damage it unfortunately has caused.  But on to this week’s post where I reveal my latest obsession to you: patterns. I just can’t get enough of them after having discovered Wallis and Desigual.

I’m not a floral pattern woman at all, nor into any ditsy prints. Those are just not me while they do suit many women. I usually have added patterns to solid color outfits with accessories, but I am now loving the simplicity of throwing on a patterned dress and just adding plain tights and boots and off to work. Also my new dresses have made people smile and ask where I’m getting these from. Hurah for webstores – no more local limitations!

But there is a learning curve for dressing patterns for my curves. I like the look of these color-blocked dresses, but the one on the right, oh no no no.

Now looking at this asymmetrical Wallis dress and wondering if it might work? The Wallis dress on the right – with the slimming effect on the skirt part and widening at the top. Huge mistake!

I’ve discovered that with my fairly slim hips I can take size 14 UK (my normal size if it weren’t for the bust), but there absolutely can not be any extra stretch around the bust. But with these patterns, any extra stretch doesn’t make it look odd.  I also tried a size 16 UK, but it was a bit baggy around the hips and arms.

These stretchy Wallis dresses with the tightening option around the waist make them ideal for hourglassy women and flatter my straighter shape as well.

Desigual, keep an eye on all of their clothing but as a dress lover especially their dresses. There might even be flowers on the patterns, but I don’t really mind that as these patterns have umph and attitude 🙂

Desigual dresses I want to try on soon!

My inspiration for patterned dresses started when I saw this amazing picture of a UK size 12-14 model Hayley Morley. I surely do not have her figure, but we have some similarities size-wise.

Model Hayley Morley in an Alexander McQueen dress.

To compare, this is me wearing a scoop back NewLook dress in size 14. (I probably would be a size 16 at the moment, but I am slowly but surely getting a bit fitter.)

Corporate Curves in a New Look size 14 scoop back dress.

Patterns have sure lifted my autumnal spirits and finding new places to shop is always a bit of a rush for me, the shopaholic that I am. Thankfully I’m a bit more sensible these days as as I now only shop for and keep what I know for sure I’ll wear more than once. Otherwise I’d spend far too much of my income on clothes!