I have no excuse not to write today. The internet is up and running, and I always work from home. But it’s a storm day, and I’m in the mood for a giant cleaning and organizing of our guest room and basement. When I’m in the mood for something like that, I’d better give in to the feeling.

Here’s a photo of our street on the way home from a late breakfast at the diner this morning. Right now it’s only very windy and slightly rainy. With one big gust, I said to Mr. Campbell, “It’s getting stronger, isn’t it?”, and he spoiled my excitement by assuring me that it will be many hours before the wind gets really strong. Mr. Campbell is a Weather Nerd. This storm is the only thing in the entire universe that could distract him from his addiction to all things election-related in the final days before November 6.

Yesterday I called my high school friend who lives in one of the mandatory evacuation zones and offered our guest room and sleeper sofa to her family, but she said they believe the media has exaggerated everything and they’re staying put. This morning we heard a radio interview of an unhappy airline passenger stuck at La Guardia, so I suggested to Mr. Campbell that we drive there (it’s only 10 minutes away) and offer our home to some poor stranded passenger. He laughed. So I guess the only rescuing I’ll be doing is of our upstairs neighbor. Her 2.5 year old little boy is a whirlwind of energy and will soon be going stir crazy. I’ve invited them to make caramel apples with me later.

Now I’ll get started on cleaning that guest room. It never hurts to be ready!