Welcome to the sixth Corporate Curves Report – the very first one discussing lingerie (strapless, plunges, integral bras)! I’m focusing on how lingerie makes me feel, how I choose which set to wear and why some bras are just my absolute favorites. I only discovered my true bra size about four years ago – I tried to go bra shopping in Helsinki and ventured into a store called Change where a very nice fitting lady ended up telling me they don’t carry my size although we had figured out my most likely size. Then she was kind enough to point me into the only store in Helsinki where she said I’d for sure find something – FunkyLady on Fredrinkikatu Street. I headed there, but unfortunately the customer service was so poor that I didn’t want to go there again, although I did manage to find two bras that fit – quite boring ones but at least I knew my size.  I think I went at least two back sizes down and three cup sizes up!

Then I wondered, “Hmm . . . OK, now I know my bra size, but surely there must be nice looking bras available, too.” I googled “32G bras” and found Bravissimo – the UK lingerie store for bigger busted ladies. Soon after, BraStop also became familiar to me. So those are mainly the places I shop for my bras. I don’t really follow trends but just buy what I like.

First I heard of the Deco bra by Freya which is said to almost give you a new pair of boobies – it sure did, too! The shape and the uplift of this staple plunge bra is unparalleled – though as breasts come in all sizes and shapes, it isn’t ideal for everyone but for most it is! And what a joyful day it was for well endowed ladies when the Freya Deco strapless came out. I got it and could not believe the support.  I jumped around and bounced up and down and it stayed in place. It kept  the shape, allbeit not as round as the regular Decos but pretty darn amazing! Here are my basic Decos and strapless worn with a Pepperberry dress to a wedding.

Pepperberry dress 16RC, Decos.
Pepperberry dress 16RC, Decos I own are 34GG. Bras not worn by me here.

These bras give me comfort, a nice shape, uplift and a great deep plunge if needed. They are excellent t-shirt bras, smooth and round. But there’s no extra oomph in them. If I’m feeling rather fun, happy and playful I tend to gravitate towards patterns. I’m not so keen on flowers or lace but luckily there is so much variety these days. My most fun dress is seen below, and if I go out for an evening in this, I’ll make sure my undies are as fun or sassy, too, to complete the feeling even while I’m putting on my makeup before putting the dress on!

Pepperberry Fire Print Dress, Cleo, Freya
Pepperberry Fire Print Dres 16RC, Cleo Zia bra – this color exclusive to Bravissimo, and Freya Crystal – same shape as the Decos. My number one fave bra! Again, bras not worn by me here.

When it comes to office clothes,  I often need to tone down my natural smiley and happy nature, so I dress the part on the outside but quite often not under. It’s almost like a silent inside joke you can giggle to inside your head all day at work, something to make you happy. Sometimes I even try to guess what type of underwear sets other people are wearing under their tidy office attire. Wouldn’t it be fun to know! It would reveal so much of everyone’s personalities. 🙂

KrisLine, Freya, Masquerade, Pepperberry
Freya Hatty set, me wearing a Pepperberry dress 14SC with NewLook boots, KrisLine Barbara bra, Flirtelle Rose bra in red, under it KrisLine Taboo bra in black/velvet, and bottom right is the new Masquerade Rhea set which I own in purple and in powder colors. Bras on me about 34GG, some are H. Bras not worn by me in this photo.

But as much comfort, attitude, fun and most of all support these favorite bras of mine do give, what to do when lounging on a work trip in the hotel room, perhaps while finishing up some work or just reading a book or watching telly in a language I often don’t understand? I find bras a bit too uncomfortable for that so I’m a big fan of Bravissimo racer back PJ tops. They have wire free integral support with bra back fastening. It’s not as uplifting as a bra but gives great support and is very comfortable to wear. I have worn them with jeans as well for a casual look. And I simply love the strapless tops with halterneck support Bravissimo make. They have the, same integral bra system minus the straps!

Bravissimo integral bra on their pj tops.
Bravissimo intergral bra tops
Bravissimo racer back PJ top in brown 32GG/H and their bandeau strappy top in 34G. Worn with a Pepperberry shrug size 14.

Bras used to be my enemy for so long but not anymore. They are a source of joy and something I love to shop online for (still limited selections in Finland unfortunately). They are an everyday accessory with a real purpose that affects my health, but I’m no longer bound by restrictions on what I can or can’t wear! I was sure I’d never be able to wear a strapless dress or a top, but as seen here, I should not have been so sure 🙂 Now I and my ever growing collection of bras are living a happy life together 🙂